Adult Acne How to Get Rid Of Those Spots That Just Keep Coming Back

We all understand that adolescents often suffer from acne but what about adult acne. Isn't it supposed to have disappeared by adulthood? Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Acne occurs when sebum, the skin's natural oily secretion that moisturizes the skin, is produced in excess. The follicles that allow the sebum to reach the skin become clogged with this excess oil along with dead skin cells.

The resulting pimples may become inflamed by bacteria and become red and tender to the touch. As adults, acne can appear on the outer part of the face, and women may find outbreaks around their mouths and on their chins. Why do adults get acne? Menopause can cause a flare-up due to hormonal changes.

Antibiotics, oral contraceptives, and anabolic steroids can cause adult acne. Certain foods may bring on acne. Wearing oil-based makeup can add to the excess oil. Hair sprays can even affect acne. Hot weather increases sweating which can aggravate the acne. Research has shown a link between stress and adult acne.

When a person is stressed, the stress hormones can create an imbalance in the body. This is experienced as increased blood pressure, weight gain, and adult acne. If you were prone to acne as an adolescent, you may find that stress again causes your body to secrete too much skin oil which clogs the pores and causes the acne outbreaks. What can you do about stress adult acne? Firstly, determine if the outbreaks and times of stress correlate.

If they do, then try some stress management relief. Depending on how bothersome the acne is, there are some natural treatments to try. For the serious, an elimination diet where dairy products, smoking, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods are avoided for a period of time to help keep the skin free from excess oil is a good beginning.

Keeping the skin clean is very important. Cleanse with mild soap and pat dry. Then moisturize with an oil free moisturizer. Abrasive face cleaners such as microderm abrasion should be avoided. There are herbs which can be taken to cleanse the blood which help in the treatment of adult acne for example Dandelion Root Tincture, Burdock Root, Red Clover tea, Milk Thistle Seed, and Goldenseal. Supplement nutrients such as Vitamin B Complex, Zinc, Vitamin A, Chromium, and Essential Fatty Acids can also help.

Before taking herbs, you should always check with your medical practioner that they are safe for your body, especially if you are already on medication. Over the counter medicines such as Clearasil and Fostex contain benzoyl peroxide. Others may contain salicylic acid, sulphur, and resorcinol which aid in the treatment of mild adult acne. For stronger medications a doctor's prescription will be required. All acne medications may take many months, even years, to actually control the symptoms.

And there may be side effects including irritation, dryness and peeling. Oral drugs may be prescribed for those with more severe adult acne. These antibiotics need to be used for two to three months to have an effect. An endocrinologist or dermatologist will help those who have complicated cases of acne to find an appropriate treatment.

For pregnant women who suffer from adult acne, it is wise to stay away from any type of medication. Instead, use the suggestions below until after the baby is born. For everyday treatment of adult acne here are some suggestions: * Drink lots of water * Wear hair away from the face * Wash oily hair often * Wash face twice daily with soap, preferably one formulated for acne. * Avoid oil based makeup * Don't touch the pimples as the bacteria will only spread * Don't pick the pimples as this can result in acne scars Summary: We all like to think that acne is only for teenagers but for the adults who have adult acne, there are reasons why, and there are some treatments available that can help.

Brooke Hayles
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