How Juijitsu Can Make Your Body Stronger Even For Someone Who Is Over

It is but a few years ago that jiu jitsu was unknown to the Western world. Today the name is understood very generally, in English speaking countries, to refer to that mysterious art of self defense by which the Japanese prove antagonists whom it is impossible to defeat in physical encounter. To some extent, too, a little knowledge of this strange art has come to us. Within the next few years it is to be expected that jiu jitsu will be as well understood by us as boxing is today.

Without doubt it will be said that some of the following Japanese feats are, in the language of the ring, `` foul.`` But fighting is an ugly business from the nature of things, and the Japanese contend that any means that brings victory is justifiable. It may be added that few men defeated by a jiu jitsian are disabled for a period longer than a few moments following defeat.

The lacerations and contusions that follow fisticuffs are unknown in Japan, where to disfigure an opponent would be considered a disgrace to the victor. Jiu jitsu while stern work, is the essence of politeness; it is aimed to show a bully the folly of fighting. When attacking, an opponent is prone to seize the intended victim by the throat.

The reason for this is obvious; it is hard to conceive of a man so ignorant that he does not know that, by shutting off his adversary`s power of breathing, he thereby does away with the possibility of prolonged resistance Almost invariably the attack is met by the victim merely grasping the front of the throat with both hands and doing one`s best to retain the hold until the opponent`s resistance is stopped. It will be well to study the counter of the intended victim carefully, and to verify and acquire it by considerable patient practice. The victim places his hands, with palms together, under the assailant`s arms, and with backs of the hands outward. With a quick upward movement the victim thrusts his joined hands between the arms of his assailant. As soon as the victim`s hands have gone upward as far as they will go the joined hands are separated, and each is thrown violently out far to its own side of the body.

Tripping is so general a trick among all the peoples that develop the art of personal combat as to seem to call for but scant mention. Yet in this country there are so many who do not know how to trip correctly that some hints are needful. In jiu jitsu the trip is an element of prime importance. In a trip that is delivered while the assailant is standing, the right foot is always employed against the adversary`s left, and the left against the adversary`s right.

Right foot is never employed against right foot, nor left against left. In a trip that the assailant delivers from a kneeling position, on the contrary, it is the right foot that is employed against the victim`s right, and the left against the victim`s left. These are just a few of the jiu jitsu moves that are employed by beginners and masters alike. With practice, you will be able to use these techniques as second nature if ever assaulted.

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