Acne Scar Care Learn about Fast Treatment for Acne

Certainly if you wish to avoid the social recluse due to the scarred face then you need an immediate treatment. The treatment which must be fast enough to make you comfortable against scars say, within a couple of the weeks or months. To speak frankly the treatment of acne dependent on the kind of acne one is facing. The time period generally varies from one week to three week for mild acne and for very severe acne cases the treatment could extend up to six months.

As such the quick removal of acne scars are possible with various methods comparatively and if they are used in conjunction then effects are very positive. As soon as you are free from acne blemishes or if you do not have any zits, pimples, or any other comedones at the scarred area then you should follow exfoliation technique to lighten the mark caused by acne. Exfoliation would help in peeling off the damaged skin layer revealing a healthy new skin from underneath.

It is preferable that you exfoliate your skin every 2 to 3 days. Never use any chemicals like salicylic acid which could be harsh and irritating on your skin. You might use wither sand or cornmeal for this purpose, which would be effective, cheap, as well as soothing for your gentle skin.

Mix the exfoliator with some mild liquid soap and massage the scrub over the acne scar in a circular motion. But, do not overdo this in an attempt to get the result overnight, otherwise you might end up with more inflammation and redness on your skin. You could also use some topical applications to fade acne scars to a large extent.

Pure vitamin E oil is one of the most popular topical applications which is found to assuage the acne scars quite efficiently without inflicting any side effects. After exfoliation of the skin cover your scarred areas with this oil to be absorbed by your skin overnight. Make sure that your skin is properly washed and adequately dry before you apply this oil. Regular use of this oil would spectacularly mitigate acne scar visibility making it smooth and soft. Most of the eminent dermatologists throughout the world prefer laser resurfacing process to heal acne scars.

This laser treatment which is otherwise known as ablative laser treatment uses a beam of laser to remove the external layer of the skin. When the laser radiation falls over the blemished skin area the water molecules present in the cells absorb the radiation and this instantaneously followed by the vaporization of the water content inside the cells of the skin layer. This renders the destruction of the damaged skin layer and subsequent removal of the acne scar. This is not only an efficient procedure to fade acne scar but also a successful method to rejuvenate the natural collagen production at the dermal layer. This is an excellent treatment procedure to enhance the aesthetic appearance of any dull scarred skin making it more fresh, supple, and healthy.

There are many creams on the market today that will boast fast removal of acne scars; however you should use these creams with caution. Many of these products are gimmicks and will not give you the results that you are looking for. If you are looking for a cream that will fade your scar and improve the look of your skin, talk to your doctor or dermatologist for their recommendations.

You will find the synthetic vitamin E labeled "D, L" and the natural form labeled "D". But, keep in mind that according to the National Institutes of Health, the synthetic form of vitamin E is only half as active as the natural form. In short, in addition to buying a vitamin E cream to heal your scars faster, you can also enjoy vitamin E rich meals.

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