Emotional Self Image

Destination Freedom

by Colin G Smith

I don't know about you but these days I often hear people using the word 'enlightenment' as if it's a common experience. According to Buddhism enlightenment is the complete cessation of all sufferings and a permanent state of peace and happiness. [more]

A Matter of Perspective

by Candice Z. Watters

Are you often frustrated with yourself, discouraged with your circumstances and convinced you've been dealt a bad hand - more than most people you know? A change of perspective may help. [more]

Struggle is Necessary for Success

by Anandrahi

If you aspire for success and power you have to struggle hard and pass through many bitter experiences in the society before you have any glimpse of that sweet fruit called success. And you must prepare your mind as well as your body to be able to battle hard to get the position you deserve. If you are determined and prepared for struggle it will only improve your fighting power. [more]

How Do You Build Self Confidence?

by Terje Ellingsen

Building self confidence or improving self esteem is all about valuing ourselves as the persons we are not what we do. Our perception of what we are worth in our own eyes is based upon how we interpret our previous performance. In any situation we are facing, our confidence will be determined by how well we feel we've done in previous similar situations. [more]

Where's your path leading?

by Damien Senn

Have you ever stopped to think about where your life's path is leading? Is it leading you on a journey of ever increasing aliveness and self expression or is taking you to a place of conformity, mediocrity and discomfort? [more]

Developing Personal Depth

by Mark Myhre

Everyone seeks personal depth to one degree or another. Personal depth stands as *the* way to add richness and beauty to our lives. Nobody wants to be considered a shallow person. Still, the concept of becoming a 'deep' person turns many people off. [more]