Acne Solutions to Treating Acne

Bacteria and other microorganisms may cause serious damage to the health of a person. The effects of this may happen internally while some may affect the individual externally. One of these external problems is a skin disorder better known as Acne.

This happens when the body produces excess oils and when mixed with dirt and dust can cause the person to have cysts and or spots of different colors on the face. Acne affects millions of Americans every year. Almost 80% of all teenagers will experience this, which may also happen in the late 20's or early 30's especially for women. Doctors are unable to determine the cause of Acne but believe this is related to hormones specifically testosterone. Another interesting factor is heredity so if the parents have this, there is a very strong possibility that the individual also will. There are two types of Acne and the symptoms developed by the person will tell if this is either inflammatory or non-inflammatory.

First is inflammatory. People who suffer from this will have white heads and pimples that will turn red. In some cases, pustules may also develop and this will spread not only to the face but also to other parts of the body such as the neck, back, chest and groin. The effects of this type of Acne are very permanent leaving one with scars even after getting treatment. The only way to get rid of it will be through surgery. Non-inflammatory Acne is more common among patients.

This will usually appear in the form of a few whiteheads and blackheads that can be remedied using over the counter medicines. There are other things that can be recommended to fight Acne. These solutions can be recommended by dermatologists, bought in the supermarket or ordered online. The person will notice that these solutions usually come in packs. The first part will involve using a renewing cleanser.

The individual will need this to exfoliate dead skin cells. An ingredient known as benzoyl peroxide formula that is an essential part of the Acne solution will then penetrate into the pores and clean the blemishes fast. The next thing that will be used in the pack is a revitalizing toner. This solution is alcohol free and will help unplug pores, remove dead skin cells and excess oil leaving the skin feeling refreshed. This also uses some botanical agents to give back the user one's natural skin color.

The finishing touch for Acne is a repairing lotion. This is an oil free solution that also contains a little amount of benzoyl peroxide just like in the cleanser. This will heal blackheads and other blemishes, which is designed to prevent Acne from ever happening again. Before buying the Acne solution pack, its best to check if the individual will have any allergies due to the ingredients used in making the product. Should there be no problem, the person should buy it and apply it using cotton buds to clean the entire face.

The person will usually see the results after two or three weeks use. The results between one individual over another will vary and the user will only know what will happen after trying it. Acne is a treatable disorder. Finding a remedy early on can eliminate the possibility of having permanent marks on the face.

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