Buying a Jacuzzi Hot Tub

As when you buy a property there are three key points that you should be considered before you purchase and that old phrase that we all know and have heard so many times LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION and the same goes with a Jacuzzi Hot Tub but in that case it is QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY. Do not purchase cheap inferior constructed junk - it's a simple as that. If you don't go for quality and buy a cheaper made product then you will not be surprised if it has become brown bread, or should I say dead, and expired with in a short time. With Hot Tubs as with many things in life it is either pay up now or in the future and in many ways that is a bit like how one can gain experience it either takes a great amount of time or a great amount of money. There is also the phrase buying cheap usually means buying twice. This could be compared to a motor car and when I started driving you could buy an old car for peanuts but you would then spend lots of money repairing it and keeping it on the road.

Equally you could buy a more modern car for more money but then you would not have to repair it but in reality it would cost you more or less the same. Often the much cheaper alternative would cost even more in real terms as there would be times when the car was off the road. This is very similar to buying a Hot Tub as there is little point getting a cheap false bargain if it breaks down and is then out of use. But of course if one is buying a new Hot Tub it is nothing like purchasing a new motor car, because with modern ,motor cars you only have to do the usual such as check the coolant and oil.

Change the oil and filter every 10,000 miles or so. But please remember that purchasing a Hot Tub Jacuzzi is a lot more complicated. You need not only to be able to maintain the Hot Tub but you also have to maintain the water quality. Probably in time you may encounter problems but that will not be for many years if you have purchased a quality well made product from a respected and well established manufacturer If you do not take care of the water quality then the sensors may become clogged with calcium or calcified and then problems may occur. Whilst a car and a hot tub have various moving parts and electronics the crucial difference is that a Hot Tub is full of water which is being pumped around under pressure from the pumps and motors Obviously a cheap poorly constructed hot tub is a sure fire recipe for a disaster A car has been designed and engineered for many years since Henry Ford introduced the model T and in many ways has reached a certain state of perfection and it is possible that a car could run for very many years with minimal maintenance except the odd battery and oil filter and indeed a change of oil.

Equally if you buy a Jacuzzi style Hot Tub from a major manufacturer who have been designing them for many years you will get a first class product which will require little maintenance. So, my best advice, is that one should only buy a product that is well built by an American or Western internationally recognized producer of Hot Tubs and then there is every chance that the product will last and last and give vert many years of faultless performance. The reason is obvious in that the internationally recognized producer backs his products with a real guarantee so if it has a fault it falls back on the manufacturer not on you. As you can imagine these manufacturers have had decades of experience and they build them with the proper parts and components so it will not fail and it is for that reason and that reason alone that they are prepared to provide a long life guarantee.

The author Jacuzzi John (JJ) supplies top quality American & European Hot Tubs from Sotogrande and Estepona on the Costa Del Sol in Spain and his web site is at Best Hot Tubs Spain

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