Co Q is the Heart Health Supplement

Co Q-10 has gained alot of attention as of late from an athletes perspective as well as people with cardiovascular issues. From the athletic standpoint endurance is a major factor in the daily training protocol in sports and Co Q-10 supports cellular energy production. From the cardiovascular point of view it is an essential enzyme used in the treatment of congestive heart failure. It is also very effective in it's ability to strengthen the heart calls and surrounding vessels. Derived at its highest quality point from species of rice by the Asian population, this nutritional supplement should be a key component of any vitamin regimen People with heart problems have significantly lower levels of Co Q-10 than those with normal heart function. In one study 64 people with congestive heart failure were randomized to receive a Co Q-10 supplement (2mg per week kg body weight per day) or a placebo plus standard treatment.

People who took the Co Q-10 supplement had a significant resolution in symptom severity and fewer hospitalizations. In a 32 person study the participants were all experiencing end stage heart failure, on the list to receive a heart transplant, and recieving 60 mg. using Co Q-10 or an empty sugar pill for a 90 day period.

The funtional status, clinical symptoms, and quality of life improvements were indicated by those patients who took the Co Q-10 supplement. Those using the placebo had no measureable benefit whatsoever. Co Q-10 has numerous physical benefits including its powerful antioxant capability that helps balance the oxygen component in the body's cell walls. Nutrient transportation across the cell wall is positively affected when using this nutrition supplement as well as showing strong antiaging benefits. Additionally, it serves as one important, of many, nutrients that elevates the cells ability to produce energy. The has been shown critical to heart patients who are using statin drugs in their treatment.

Co Q-10 production in the human body is negatively affected by the use of statin drugs. Driving energy production in the cell itself, especially the heart cells in a heart patient, is an all important matter. Co Q-10 supplement works much better with consumption of essential fatty acids, water, sea salts, and 20 minutes of exercise per day and 20 minutes of sun exposure per day. Cellular nutrient uptake and energy production processes are greatly affected by essential fatty acids, nutrient transport is aides by water, cellular metabolism is improved with sea salt, energy efficiency is improved with exercise, and Vitamin D production is aided by sun exposure. This healthy enzyme also shows benefits for people with diabetes, headaches, stress, leg cramps, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and periodontal gum disease. As has been said food that contains higher levels of Co Q-10 include some forms of rice, mackerel, sardines, red meat, chicken and salmon.

Rice is at the top of the list. In would be prudent for those who are interested in improving stamina, health, and overall well-being while combating the aging process to employ Co Q-10 to their heart health regimen.

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