Dealing with the Psychological Facet of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Usually, the medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for dependence on harmful intoxicants and substance abuse is referred to as rehab. Even alcohol and prescription drugs are included among the harmful substances along with illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine and other amphetamines. Since the abuse of alcohol and drugs can bring about extensive damages ? financial, physical, mental and social ? the primary aim of rehab for drug and alcohol abuse is to interrupt a patient's dependence and enable him to halt misusing the substances and begin a new lease of drug free life.

Rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse normally concentrates on the twofold nature of dependency and substance abuse, which is equally psychological and physical. Severe withdrawal symptoms can be a result when the rehab process deals with the physical dependency. In order to help patients cope with the withdrawal symptoms, rehab centers introduce a process of detoxification. This process gradually helps the client to abstain from his urge for drug or alcohol. The other important part of the rehabilitation process is dealing with the psychological facet of alcohol and drug abuse.

For this, rehab centers generally concentrate on assisting patients on how to react and interact with stress and similar situations, in a clean and drug-free environment. Changes in life and lifestyle are encouraged and this may include changing a circle of friends, particularly those who are still into alcohol and drugs. This can become very crucial to prevent a relapse to old habits. Rehabs adopt programs that help addicts realize that they need help in order to cure themselves.

Sometimes, a complete abstinence from even legal substances like alcohol is recommended. Total abstinence from alcohol is favorable, even if alcohol had not been a noticeable problem for the patient before. This becomes necessary because most addicts will turn to another drug to satisfy themselves when the drug of their choice is removed. Alcohol has mind-altering capabilities and those who have been addicted to other drugs will easily develop a dependence on it.

It has been discovered through a number of studies that people who have fallen prey to addiction, more often than not, suffer from a chemical imbalance. And so, along with the detoxification, psychological therapies and counseling of traditional rehab treatment, a new dimension of treatment gets added. A change in diet supplemented with ample nutrients will help in working towards correcting the imbalance and improve self-restraint.

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