Natural Cures For Hair Loss

If there were an easy way to prevent and stop all the types of hair loss, then there would be a lot less people looking for solutions to this problem. Many millions of people suffer from this condition. There are some natural methods that do work to help people with hair loss. Here are the six natural remedies to hair loss.

1. Massage - By massaging the scalp it will help to increase blood flow. This in turn will help the hair follicles receive adequate blood, helping to created an optimal growing conditions for the hair. You would want to do this a few minutes each day and should be helpful in hair growth with more minor cases of hair trouble. 2.

Aromatherapy - A combination of 6 drops of lavender and also bay essential oil mixed with four ounces of one of almond, sesame, or soybean oil and then this is applied and then massaged into the scalp. It is best after massaging leave this for around 20 minutes, this has been a method used by aroma therapists to help with stimulation of the scalp. 3. Saw Palmetto - There is a undeniable relationship between the male prostate and hair loss for men. Saw Palmetto has been found to help with lowering the levels of DHT, This is known to be a cause of Androgenetic Alopecia.

4. Nettle Root - The extract from this root is high in the vitamins C and A, and important minerals and lipids that are helpful to hair and hair growth. This has also been used in Europe as an inhibitor of the 5 alpha reductase, another cause of hair loss. 5. Rosemary and Sage - These two herbs are known to be beneficial when applied directly to the scalp.

You would do this by adding rosemary, peach leaf, sage, nettle root and burdock together in water and boiling it. Then you strain this and the resulting liquid that is left you would want to wash your hair daily with. 6.

Jojoba oil - This has been traditionally used by southwestern Native Americans and also the Mexicans as a natural hair loss remedy for centuries for healthy hair growth and also to control dandruff. It can also be used in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and seborrhea. It also will work great as a natural moisturizer as it will mimic the skins own sebum. There are many natural cures for hair loss and you will want to try what you feel comfortable with. Whatever you decide to try you should not delay in finding a method to treat your hair loss.

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