Preventing Hair Loss With The Right Nutrition

If you are losing your hair right now, don't panic. The most probable reason for that, especially if you're a male, is overabundance of dihydrotestosterone in the skin of your head. This chemical compound is created from testosterone - once this male hormone reaches the follicles, it attaches itself to it and changes into DHT.

The bad thing is that DHT is hardly beneficient and is largely responsible for your hair loss. It tightens the muscles in your scalp, increasing the pression on the follicles and limits the blood circulation there, preventing hair from being nourished properly. This was the bad news. The good news is that you are not doomed. The scientists know much more about mechanisms of hair loss and they have devised a set of nutritional supplements which can stop or even reverse the process.

Nutrients and Their Effectiveness Against Hair Loss The most important nutrient for your hair is undoubtedly zinc. It can be found on various types of food, including wheat germ, egg yolks, or red meat, but still a lot of people do not intake enough zinc to keep their hair safe. The main role of zinc is relaxing muscles and make them less prone to stress. This helps the organism remain safe from DHT-induced effects (tightened muscles on your head). Just remember to avoid overdosing zinc - a daily intake of more than 12 mg of zinc ends in reduced iron absorption and increased risk of anemia.

Next, there is Vitamin H, a component of the B complex vitamin group. It helps hair growth and is directly responsible for their strength, as it is responsible for the fatty acid metabolism and fueling the growth speed of hair as well as the rate the damages are being repaired. The only problem is that most natural sources of Vitamin H (or biotin, as it is sometimes called) are also incredibly rich in fat. Proteins are also necessary nutrients when it comes to counter negative effects of DHT. While they don't have any direct anti-DHT effect, they are the main construction material of hair. Without them, it would be impossible for hair to repair itself and increase its thickness.

While the proteins hardly help in regrowing hair, they are crucial in preventing further hair loss. Properly nourished strands, either with some protein-rich diet or with right shampoo, it thickens hair strands, making them much more difficult to kill. However, the nutritional problems concerning it are also severe. If taken in excessive amounts, proteins can cause dehydration and increased fat intake.

This can both dry hair and increase oil production in the scalp. Vitamin A is known under many different names, but regardless of which we use, one thing remains the same: this amino acid is one of the most important supplements for our hair. Vitamin A acts as an anti-oxidant promoting the secretion of sebum, which in turn binds testosterone before it can reach the follicles and become DHT. We can easily get a lot of Vitamin A through a balanced diet as it can be found in various foods, including yellow vegetables, fish oils and many kinds of meat. Just remember that you mustn't exceed the standard daily requirement - in large quantities Vitamin A is considered to be somewhat toxic. It can't generally be done through a diet, but a Vitamin A-rich diet plus taking a lot of artificial supplement may be enough to start some problems.

We mustn't forget about another important vitamin: Vitamin E. It maintains proper blood circulation in scalp, stopping all DHT attempts to reduce the amount of nutrients arriving to the follicles. There's no problem with intaking enough Vitamin E, as it can be easily found in a number of foods, most notably leafy greens and soybeans, as well as in many vegetable oils. The real catch is that Vitamin E can be easily overdosed, increasing the pressure in the cardiovascular system.

The role of nutrients in the prevention of the balding process is well-known and keeping the right amount of all abovementioned products in your diet should generally be enough to prevent hair loss. The problem is that in most cases it is hardly possible for a normal diet to accommodate for all those nutrients while keeping your blood pressure and weight at a stable level. That's why most people would do much better if they chose to use a proper nutritional supplement instead of trying to create an ideal diet. And fortunately for them, the solution is right at hand. A major producer of anti-hair loss products, ProFollica, offers an excellent nutritional supplement that contains all necessary nutrients in right doses to make them both effective and safe.

To make everything better, the ProFollica system contains much more than just the nutrients and check it yourself.

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