Saving Lives Through Breast Cancer Awareness

The insidiousness of breast cancer is without parallel - affecting over a million people a year worldwide and claiming the lives of women at a rate second only to lung cancer. As women battle for their lives on a daily basis, a grassroots movement to educate the women of the world continues to surge. Those who are affected by breast cancer know that recovery stems from early detection and proper treatment; and in order to detect symptoms and find effective treatment, women need to have access to up-to-date information; thus evolved the promotion of breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer awareness encompasses the education and empowerment of women and men worldwide and encourages them to act as advocates for their own care; it includes a comprehensive plan for focusing on the whole person and the many ways in which breast cancer and prevention can be approached. One of the first components of raising breast cancer awareness includes awareness of education, literacy, and research. There is so much research being done on a daily basis to further the cause of treatment and to one day find a permanent cure.

In order for patients and families to feel connected to the process, they must be kept informed as to what advancements have been made. The breast cancer awareness campaign works to make sufferers and families aware of the places in which to find comprehensive information. In today's age of technology, most people find their information via the Internet; there are a host of reputable and valuable websites that provide a wealth of continually updated information. Prevention is a large part of awareness and part of the work of the campaign is to make people aware of the ways in which they can prevent breast cancer. This includes making people aware of up-to-date information regarding diet and exercise, as well as the effects of other lifestyle and environmental stressors on the possibility of getting this cancer.

Most importantly, awareness focuses on the importance of screening for early detection so that treatment options are immediately available to increase the chance of survival and ongoing health. Doctors recommend screenings from 35 years of age and up; more than 50% of diagnosed cases of breast cancer are found in women over the age of fifty. Such screenings include routine gynecological examinations, mammograms, breast ultrasound and, most importantly, breast self-examination. Spreading the message of screenings is especially important in low-income areas where women tend to avoid medical care because of the cost.

Of course, breast cancer awareness also includes knowing where to turn for treatment and what that treatment may entail. In the spirit of providing people with accurate and up-to-date information, many of the websites and other informational centers that feature educational resources, will also include comprehensive information regarding treatment options. This is vitally important for people struggling to make choices regarding their health. But one of the most important aspects of awareness is reminding the people that are engrossed in the fight that they are a part of a larger community where they can find support and camaraderie. Breast cancer awareness saves people's lives. It can be the bridge from people - to information.

And for those who are faced with a frightening diagnosis and unsure of where to turn, the information imparted through the awareness campaign can be a beacon of hope.

For more information on breast cancer try visting - a website that specializes in providing breast cancer related information and resources including information on breast cancer awareness.

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