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Lung Cancer is the most common and lethal of the cancers that one can be diagnosed with; however there are also effective treatments for patients suffering from lung cancer. Most cases of lung cancer are smoking related, but not all smokers will develop this form of the cell degenerative disease. It is a good idea to quit smoking if you are, and even the occasional cigar could increase your chances of getting related cancer.

This is why it is also especially dangerous to smoke near children and babies, because among the other harmful effects, this can play a huge role in their development of cancer one day. There are many different types of lung cancers. These are Epidermold carcinoma or Squamous cell carcinoma which is most common in men and attacks the bronchial tube lining.

Then there is Adenocarcinoma cancer related to lungs which forms in the mucus glands and occurs mainly in females and in non smokers. Bronchioalveolar carcinoma is a rare part of Adenocarcinoma cancer, forms near to the air sacs in the lung and is shown to be responding more effectively to the newer clinical trial treatments. Other types of lung cancer are the Large cell undifferentiated carcinomas which occur on the outer edges of the lungs closer to the surface. This type spreads more quickly than the others and has usually done so by the time it is even diagnosed. Small cell related cancer is caused more often than not by smoking and accounts for 20 percent of all cases of the disease. The cells start off small but quickly grow into large tumors.

Lung cancer can be easy to miss as the symptom produce in the form of normal flu like symptoms and normal illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia. You could have an irritating cough and some chest, back and shoulder pain. If you notice any blood in the sputum or a change in its color then it will be wise to have it checked. Other symptoms could include a shortness of breath or very difficult breathing. The symptoms of such type of cancer do not have to be only respiratory related.

You might have loss of or no appetite, fatigue, joint and head aches, swelling in the face or neck and also sudden weight loss. More severe symptoms of lung cancer can include strange lapses in memory and becoming unsteady on your feet. There are many therapies and treatments, including some clinical trials, so if you are diagnosed, speak to your practitioner about these options.

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