Struggle is Necessary for Success

by Anandrahi

If you aspire for success and power you have to struggle hard and pass through many bitter experiences in the society before you have any glimpse of that sweet fruit called success. And you must prepare your mind as well as your body to be able to battle hard to get the position you deserve. If you are determined and prepared for struggle it will only improve your fighting power.

You may have heard the name Sylvester Stallone - a super star of Hollywood films. Seeing his great success can you imagine how hard he had to struggle in life? Due to his speech defect, and flat feet other kids made a fun of him at school. He developed a disruptive behaviour and failed to learn anything. He was eventually kicked out of seventeen schools. Can you imagine the impact it had on the personality of the child and his parents? They passed through very painful period. Fortunately at his 18th school he discovered a fascination for art. As his interest grew he became confident of his talent in acting.

As a young man with a family of his own to feed, he struggled and struggled. His electric bills were unpaid, his refrigerator and cupboards empty. Struggle made him even more determined to succeed. He also wrote an exciting film script. His desire to direct and star in his creation was so great that he was ready to face any difficult situation. Super stardom was waiting for him. He sold his script, became hero of the same film and directed it too. It was Rocky - his first blockbuster. The story proves that when you are determined and prepared to struggle the life provides big opportunities.


It is difficult to face the crushing waves of today's competition if you are not able to endure long hours of work and frustrating circumstances. It is called stamina. No person without stamina ever got big success in this world. Stamina can be increased and maintained at any age.

A fighter in life needs to be physically fit. Therefore we must take some exercise that is suitable to our physical state and in which we can take interest. Eat for health not for taste. Then you will be able to keep the diseases away, increase your life span and most of all become free from unnecessary physical suffering and medical bills. You must do a lot of work every day to increase your working capacity. The more you work the more stamina you gain.


The most difficult part of the life of a struggler is to face criticism. If you want to progress and want to experiment with new methods you will be criticised at every step, even by your friends and family members. Some times the power of criticism is so massive that it can tear away the confidence of many a steely personalities. To become immune to criticism, first define your aims clearly and then increase your determination by daily dose of affirmations (confirming your aims and saying something positive about you before sleeping). Self image technique taught in the first section of this book will also help you a lot.


Social forces play an important role in the progress of a person. The great people who rise to high places in business and politics definitely know the art of using these forces to their advantage. Only talent can't help you to win the battles of life. You must be shrewd enough to use those forces in our society that can make or mar your career. These forces are: your family, your friends, the people of the area you live in and those power circles which throw hurdles whenever you want to move ahead. Most of these social forces are insensitive, ruthless and have enough powers to swallow your very existence.

Most of them are blind to your compassion or the angel in your heart. If you can't learn the art of dealing with these forces your talent is worth a dime, you don't need to be proud of it. It is difficult to explain the art in words in a short space. Then what should a person do to take the advantages of those forces that can crush a brilliant personality in the beginning of the race? These social forces are like a fire. Use them cautiously or they may burn your wings. The brief advice to deal with these forces: First understand the power of these forces, and you solve half the problem. Then learn to keep patience and analyse these forces with the mind of a student. When you understand them you will know how to deal with them. You definitely need to control your passion and reaction. If you try to clash with these forces like a bull you may ruin your chance of winning. Deal them tactfully and diplomatically. Every person develops his or her own art gradually.


Yes. Reason: they are unable to find as many support bases in the society or the world as men. And they generally need the support of strong-willed males to move ahead. They certainly need to become more efficient in the art of survival. How much struggle are you able to do if you can't change the basic nature of the society? That is the only reason that men generally occupy most of the power posts everywhere, barring a few examples. A lady can definitely find ways to win in any field when she is very determined and shrewd. And by adding a little charisma to her personality she can become a magnificent force. But still most of the ladies have to work very hard in the society to get the place they actually deserve.


Don't allow hurdles, setbacks, or opposition engulf your personality and suck your life out of your body. Society tries its best to make you live according to its mould whether you like it or not. If you want to become different you are attacked. And a human being is bound to react. If the reaction is negative it is the end of his dreams or career. If he decides to battle with determination he will survive and gain power. So if you want to progress in life don't seek mercy, don't be a beggar, become a warrior to achieve your goals. You will rise like a shining star.

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