Taking a Look at Patchy Hair Loss

Are you suddenly finding small patches of baldness spread over different parts of your body? Do they seem to heal and then reappear in new locations? If so, you are suffering from patchy hair loss. Whereas normal balding or slowed hair growth generally limits itself to the scalp, sudden patchy hair loss can appear anywhere on the body. Female patchy hair loss is just as likely to occur as it is in males. There is no absolute way of determing when or why any given individual will be afflicted with this condition. There are a number of causes of patchy hair loss, but it is important to note that patchy hair loss is not genetic. Men and women are equally susceptible to the condition.

There is no way to determine who will be affected, when, or why. Individuals who suffer from instances of patchy hair loss may find bald spots anywhere on the body, but after time those specific spots may heal and a new bald spot may appear in a different area. These instances of change add to the self-consciousness felt by sufferers of patchy hair loss because it is difficult to cover a spot that constantly moves.

You may even find that suffers of patchy hair loss graying from the stress involved in dealing with the situation. Sudden patchy hair loss can be caused by a number of triggers. Long term illnesses tend to contribute to the condition as well as certain types of infections. Fungal infections such as ringworm may cause patchy hair loss in the area where the ringworm is located. Fungal infections are incredibly contagious, so seek the advice of a health care professional if you fear this type of infection is the cause of your hair loss.

Ringworm, for example, is a fungal infection that will cause patches of hair loss to appear wherever the infection is harbored. Ringworm can be easily spread from one area of the body to another, creating new bald patches wherever it lands. The fungal infection is also contagious, so immediate medical attention is necessary to stop both the infection and the hair loss. Seek the advice of a physician if you aren't sure what is causing your patchy hair loss. Your physican may be able to recommend treatments in order to lessen the severity of your condition.

Also, do not be afraid to seek counseling if dealing with patchy hair loss has become overwhelming on an emotional level. You can promote the healing process and relatively quick hair re-growth by choosing to have a healthy diet and by participating in a regular exercise program. The vitamins and nutrients found in a proper diet will boost your immune system and help you to avoid the onset of this discouraging medical condition.

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