The MindBody Connection

Isn't it amazing that modern medicine with all its hi tech gadgets has missed the most fundamental aspect when dealing with a human being - their emotions. According to the Merck Manual (bible of conventional medicine) hardly a single cause to any disease has been identified. Often we here about this virus or that bacteria. Bird flu is the rage.

We are constantly told there could be a pandemic. If Louis Pastor had lived longer the germ theory may not have developed into the dogma it is today as he started to question it. It was too late.

Germs were the new enemy. Hygiene definitely improved the lot of millions. When surgeons started wearing gloves cross infections went down. The improvement in the quality of life that sanitation bought to everyone cannot be overestimated. It is also acknowledged though that without germs life would not exist. The criteria layed down for organic food is not just the removal of pesticides but most importantly the diversity of soil organisms.

They are the key determinant of the health of the land. What is Meta-Medicine? Meta-Medicine stems from a scientific discovery that sheds new light on the cause of disease. It is essentially a diagnostic tool and represents a paradigm shift in medicine on a Copernican scale. In the eighties a German cancer specialist stumbled across the answers. He discovered a system in nature which unites all mammals in as much as they share this common biological language.

Meta-Medicine takes into account the bio-psychosocial aspects to disease. That is it looks at the emotional trauma, the physical clinical presentation and the environmental context of the patient. With these factors considered the patient gains valuable insights which could enable them to regain optimum health. Who would Meta-Medicine Benefit? It will benefit complementary practitioners, Dr's.

and patients. Chiropracters will understand what causes a herniated disc, homeopaths are more able to focus their emotional based medicines and with Dr's it radically improves differential diagnosis The Psyche, Brain and Organ The Meta-medicine model unites these three aspects as a unified whole. No longer is there a dichotomy between mind and body as seen in psychiatry and medicine. When considering disease these three have to be taken into account.

They work synchroniously. Part of the reason for the dichotomy is that a few hundred years ago when the church held sway permission was only granted for study of the body on condition that the mind/soul was the sole domain of the church. Desperate to do research this rule was adhered to. Knowing this, one can be more understanding as to how something so vital could be overlooked Some definitions of Psyche ' In psychiatry - the mind as the center of thought, emotion and behavior. Greek for soul.

Mind as divided into conscious, preconscious and unconscious, Sigmund Freud. The aspect of the spirit that provides thought and direction. The psyche is the integrator of all functions of behavior and all areas of conflict. Our thoughts and feelings impact our biology.

In other words life's experiences define your personality. This conditioning in turn determines how you react to certain experiences. The Brain This is the main computer of all behavioural functions, conflict areas and organs. Meta-Medicine is a diagnostic tool which uses CT brain scans to inform the consultation. Like the rings of a tree give information on the trees past history the CT brain scan records the history of significant emotional events.

The brain also has direct communication with the organs and under certain circumstances will initiate changes in the organ. Differential diagnosis is an art whereby the Dr. differentiates which symptoms belong to which organ. Essentially he is a detective which attempts to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

CT brain scans allow for more accurate differential diagnosis coupled with an understanding of the root cause. So What Does Cause Disease? For centuries man has suspected a psychic origin for disease. This is now firmly anchored as a scientific fact due to the discovery of a German oncologist. One key fact to note is that emotional trauma will only impact the body if it comes as a total surprise to the individual.

These events are highly acute, dramatic, isolating and catch us totally unawares. The word dis-ease speaks for itself - a lack of ease. For What Purpose Dis-ease? What do you do when feeling uneasy? You look for the cause and attempt to change the situation thereby bringing security and peace of mind.

The Dr. happened to be a Professor of Biology and therefore could not help but look at these processes through the evolution of species. Noticing that nature was extremely conserved it was noted that all processes have a function whether man understands them or not. An example the oncologist uses to illustrate this. The deer loses its territory in the rutting season. It is old and lacks the vigor it used to have.

Unfortunately for the deer the loss of territory means the end for him. Mother Nature enacts a special program we call disease. The main artery feeding the heart loses cells making the vessel wider.

This is known an angina pectoris. This ensures increased blood flow with the accompanying nutrients and oxygen. The deer has a second fighting chance.

Everything in Nature is goal orientated or meaningful. The intelligence which crafted life doesn't make mistakes. Humans don't like to act in a void so while the understanding has been lacking we have developed hypothesis.

Now with Meta-medicine we have a model which accurately can trace the disease cycle from its inception. In the future the patient will become the boss and enlist a practitioners help only so as to facilitate them in their evolution as a soul. Have you never wondered why after spending so much time and money the condition persists? If the conflict remains unresolved the problem stays. A distinction needs to be made between psychological and biological conflict. Stress effects us all but won't initiate the disease process. The conflicts only manifest in the body if they are highly acute, dramatic, isolating and shocking.

We say biological as these conflicts impact our biology. Meta-medicine coaches help explain why they have pains, what the issues are and aid them to work through these. If certain patterns keep repeating then the growth of the client is stunted and the body reminds them of this. "The secret of medicine is to distract the patient while nature cures itself.


Tremayne Reiss is a qualified Medical Herbalist

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