The Two Methods of Inhaling Vapors

A vaporizer is the well known device amongst the lovers of the smoke. It is widely used as an alternative to traditional method of smoking. Smoking is stultifying while vaporizing is strengthening. The reason behind this fact is that vaporizer does not burn the herb. Instead of burning it heats the herb such as saliva, marijuana and the like. When the herbs are heated they release the active chemical of the plant material or the herb place on the heater.

As, nothing is burnt, so there is no production of the toxins, tar and any other cancer causing stuff. Whatever is inhaled by the user is pure and health promoting aromatic vapor. As for the inhalation of the vapor, there are two methods of inhaling the healthy vapor. The first one is direct method and the second one is bag system. Both methods have been described below respectively.

Direct Inhalation This method is the most used method of inhalation. In the direct inhalation method, the mouth piece should be attached into the chamber, once the vaporizer is plugged in. Now, one is required to turn it on to about 360 degrees, temperature can vary as per the users' preference. After that one should wait for the further indication, that shows whether it is ready to be used or not. Thereafter, user should fill the bowls with the desired herbs and then the herbs should be loaded into the chamber.

Now, to inhale the aromatic vapor, mouthpiece should be hooked up and inhale vapor through it. Bag System Sometimes, it happens that there are more users and only one vaporizer is there, or one wants to share with his friend, in this condition, the role of the bag system come into play. One can use it. Once the bowl is filled, the mouthpiece should be put over it and extension should also be connected in the mouthpiece. After that, bag is attached and the dial is turned to about 360 degrees. Temp can be adjusted accordingly.

When it is right time to use it, the light will start to indicate. It will begin filling up the bag, the moment pump is switched on. Soon, the fine mist would be seen gathering in the bag. Once the enough vapors are collected in the vapor, one should stat inhaling it. But on no account must it be forgotten to switch off the pump.

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