Top Hair Loss Reasons Exposed

Today there are several different hair loss reasons for why one person may suffer from this particular medical condition and another will not. You will find that this is not only a male problem but also one that women are just as likely to suffer from as well. Below we will look at some of the more common reasons, which may result in a person losing their hair no matter what age they may be. You will find that although hair loss was thought to be predominantly a male problem, today this is now becoming something that many women have to deal with. In the United States alone around 30 million women now suffer from some form of hair loss, which is much more than one would have imagined. Even though the problem of hair loss has been around for centuries, today many medical experts and professionals cannot actually decide just what the main causes for this problem is.

Below however we do look at some of the more common factors, which will often contribute to hair loss. 1. Heredity - This is the most common type of hair loss that people suffer from. Half of all children who have a parent who suffers from hair loss will also suffer from the same problem as well. Yet even though many people think that this can only happen to men then they need to rethink this. You will find that pattern baldness is very common in men and women.

There are plenty of women who currently suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia. The reason for this being that a woman is just as likely to carry the gene that causes this medical condition as a man and then transmit it on to their child. 2. Drugs and Medical Treatments - There are many drugs and medical treatments including radiation therapy and chemotherapy, which can result in a person losing their hair. The problem with such medical treatments is that they often prevent the hair follicles from being able to grow further after old and dead hair has been shed. 3.

Imbalance In Hormone Levels - In some cases especially with women, it has been noted that their androgen and estrogen hormone levels have become imbalanced. When this occurs, the body will produce much more DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which will prevent the right signals from passing through to the hairs follicles allowing them to grow hair properly. In this article, we have looked at three main hair loss reasons, which can cause a person to suffer from this type of medical condition. You will find that along with these, there are others, which can be responsible for why a person has begun to lose their hair.

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